It takes a village...
Take your first step toward college today!!
We expose students to colleges by supporting them with information
and surrounding them with positive mentors and advisors.
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For information on scholarships and grants.
Get inside tips on how to write a winning application and how to avoid scams.
Say NO to
student loans
We believe students and their family
advisors shouldn't have to go into debt
to get a college degree.
That's why we built Aim High to help
you get into college one step at a time.
Aim High connects students with scholarships,
grants and essays all throughout their 7th,
8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.
It's never too early to start banking scholarships!!
Due: JUN 30 2024
Stay on track
Aim High alerts you and your family advisors when you get off track.

Tap into the POWER of your personal Advisory Board... Or FOCUS UP to knock out these critical tasks and get back on track to reach your college goal.
A student can always dream bigger & reach higher goals with the right guidance & support.
Custom Path
Your college plans are your own. Aim High uses experience-fed algorithms to plot out next steps that are yours alone.
Family Support
Everyone could benefit from advice, encouragement and a helping hand. The advisors you add to Aim High give you the boost you need when you need it most.
Aim High Actions
The individual steps you take to reach your goal are sent to you and your advisors every month via text message and/or email.  Knock out as many of these as you can on your own.
Once you've learned how to find resources, ask for support and educate yourself with Aim High, you'll be able to go all out for your dreams big & small.
Your one-stop education station
Aim High keeps you informed and on track no matter what device or computer you use.
Get the latest Aim High Actions delivered to your inbox. 
Text messages
Receive Aim High updates on your mobile device.  Message rates apply. 
"I am excited to recommend Aim High to students who seek to be fully prepared to enter the competitive world of college admissions. This parent/student-centered approach allows the family to take personal responsibility for the processes necessary for college admissions and scholarship acquisition."
CEO, Fireside Unlimited
"Aim High is a valuable tool that can connect students and parents to required activities and available resources to create and track students through the raod map to college admission."
Texas Education Agency
Travis County Youth Workforce
"...Aim High takes away the stress of not knowing what to do to go to college!"
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